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Yang X - Google Scholar

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Sergio Sebastia - Citas de Google Académico - Google Scholar

Schoology as an alternative to traditional teaching tools for university ... Il· lustre Col· legi Oficial de Llicenciats en Educació Física i en Ciències …, 2018. 2018.


Saray Bonete - Citas de Google Académico - Google Scholar

Group training in interpersonal problem-solving skills for workplace adaptation of adolescents and adults with Asperger syndrome: A preliminary study. S Bonete ...


Sung-Dae Yim - Google 학술검색 서지정보 - Google Scholar

137, 2004. Optimization of bifunctional electrocatalyst for PEM unitized regenerative fuel cell. SD Yim, WY Lee, YG Yoon, YJ Sohn, GG Park, TH Yang, CS Kim.


Cheol Jin Lee - Google 학술검색 서지정보 - Google Scholar

School of Electrical Engineering Korea University. korea.ac.kr ... PET fabric/polypyrrole composite with high electrical conductivity for EMI shielding ... Growth model of bamboo-shaped carbon nanotubes by thermal chemical vapor deposition.


Chun-Li Lo - Google 學術搜尋引用文獻 - Google Scholar

追蹤. Chun-Li Lo ... 2D MaterialsInterconnectNon-Volatile Memory. 文章引用次數共同 ... CW Hsu, CC Wan, IT Wang, MC Chen, CL Lo, YJ Lee, WY Jang, CH Lin, . ... CL Lo, M Catalano, KKH Smithe, L Wang, S Zhang, E Pop, MJ Kim, ... npj 2D ...


Ganoo A - Google Scholar

http://scholar.google.co.in/scholar?as_q=&num=10&btnG=Search Scholar&as_epq=&as_oq=&as_eq=&as_occt=any&as_sauthors=%22Ganoo A%22&as_publication=&as_ylo=&as_yhi=&as_allsubj=all&hl=en&lr=

Amy Diehl - Google Scholar Citations

Making the invisible visible: A cross‐sector analysis of gender‐based leadership barriers. AB Diehl, LM Dzubinski. Human Resource Development Quarterly 27 ...


Cameron C. Lee - Google Scholar Citations

Cameron C. Lee. Assistant Professor; Department of ... CC Lee, SC Sheridan, BB Barnes, C Hu, DE Pirhalla, ... Theoretical and Applied Climatology 130 (1-2), ...


Lia Bryant - Google Scholar Citations

A Annes, J Björklund, K Browne, M Detamore, LTE Eaves, C Gibson, ... Lexington Books, 2012. 49, 2012. Economies, ethics and emotions: Farmer distress ...


Te-Hua Fang - Google Scholar Citations

Tao-Hsing ChenDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, National Kaohsiung ... Te-Hua Fang ... KJ Chen, TH Fang, FY Hung, LW Ji, SJ Chang, SJ Young, YJ Hsiao ... A large area flexible array sensors using screen printing technology.


Michelle Xia - Google Scholar Citations

Associate Professor of Statistics, Northern Illinois University ... P Gustafson, M Gilbert, M Xia, W Michelow, W Robert, T Trussler, . ... LC Chen, J Su, M Xia. 2019.


Ting Xia - Google Scholar Citations

H Zhu, H Shu, T Xia, L Luo, JL Coatrieux ... T Xia, H Zhu, H Shu, P Haigron, L Luo. JOSA A 24 ... H Ye, X Niu, C Ji, T Xia, E Asma, M Winkler, W Wang, D Gagnon.


Joe Berry - Google Scholar Citations

A biochemical model of photosynthetic CO2 assimilation in leaves of C3 species ... PJ Sellers, FG Hall, RD Kelly, A Black, D Baldocchi, J Berry, M Ryan, .


Stéphane Chevalier - Google Scholar Citations

... membrane fuel cells operating at high current … P Antonacci, S Chevalier, J Lee, N Ge, J Hinebaugh, R Yip, Y Tabuchi, ... Electrochimica Acta 188, 888-897, ...


Spencer Thomas - Google Scholar Citations

J Scaife, K Harrison, M Romanchikova, A Parker, M Sutcliffe, S Bond, ... The British journal of radiology 87 (1042), 20140343, 2014. 17, 2014. Equation-free ...


Johannes L. Schönberger - Google Scholar Citations

S van der Walt, JL Schönberger, J Nunez-Iglesias, F Boulogne, ... Peer J 2 (6), 2014. 1405*, 2014. Structure-from-Motion Revisited. JL Schönberger, JM Frahm.


Nicole S. Coverdale - Google Scholar Citations

41, 2010. Impact of age on cerebrovascular dilation versus reactivity to hypercapnia. NS Coverdale, MB Badrov, JK Shoemaker. Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow ...


Christopher I Olivares - Google Scholar Citations

CI Olivares, JA Field, M Simonich, RL Tanguay, R Sierra-Alvarez. Chemosphere 148, 361-368, 2016. 37, 2016. (Bio) transformation of 2, 4-dinitroanisole ...


Terrence Quinn - Google Scholar Citations

Terrence Quinn. Jackson School of Geosciences, University of Texas at Austin. Verified email at ... TM Quinn, TJ Crowley, FW Taylor, C Henin, P Joannot, Y Join.


Tabeel A. Jacob - Google Scholar Citations

MA Vanderputten, TA Jacob, M Sattar, N Ali, BM Fronk. International Journal of Refrigeration 84, 92-103, 2017. 10, 2017. Experimental Investigation of In-Tube ...


Emmanuel Guitter - Cytowania w Google Scholar

Emmanuel Guitter. Institut de Physique Théorique (IPht) CEA CNRS Université Paris Saclay. Zweryfikowany adres z ipht.fr - Strona główna · mathematical ...


Saad A. Jajja - Google Scholar Citations

SA Jajja, W Ali, HM Ali, AM Ali. Applied Thermal ... SA Jajja, KR Zada, BM Fronk. International Journal of Heat ... SA Jajja, JM Sequeira, BM Fronk. ASTFE Digital ...


Amine Garci - Citations Google Scholar

G Gupta, A Garci, BS Murray, PJ Dyson, G Fabre, P Trouillas, F Giannini, ... Dalton transactions 42 (43), 15457-15463, 2013. 46, 2013. Electron-rich ...


Emily Beck - Google Scholar Citations

M Detamore, A Renth, A Sutherland, E Beck, R Hopkins, G Converse. US Patent App. 15/024,317, 2016. 1, 2016. Nanomaterials for hard–soft tissue interfaces.


Tanya Major - Google Scholar Citations

TJ Major, RK Topless, N Dalbeth, TR Merriman ... A allele with increased BMI and protection from type 2 diabetes in Māori and Pacific (Polynesian) people …


Samu Pehkonen - Google Scholar Citations

A Annes, J Björklund, K Browne, M Detamore, LTE Eaves, C Gibson, ... Lexington Books, 2012. 46, 2012. Corporeal choreographies between politics and the ...


James C. Kinsey - Google Scholar Citations

CR German, A Bowen, ML Coleman, DL Honig, JA Huber, MV Jakuba, ... Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 107 (32), 14020-14025, 2010. 121 ...


Beth Saggers - Google Scholar Citations

A discrete-trial approach to the functional analysis of aggressive behaviour in two boys with autism. J Sigafoos, E Saggers. Australia and New Zealand Journal ...


Maryam Chehrehgosha - Google Scholar Citations

A Sanagoo, A Bazyar, M Chehrehgosha, S Gharanjic, M Noroozi, ... JGBFNM 8 (2), 24-9, 2012. 22, 2012. The prevalence of elder abuse in ...


Elizabeth M Brannon - Google Scholar Citations

Functional imaging of numerical processing in adults and 4-y-old children. JF Cantlon, EM Brannon, EJ Carter, KA Pelphrey. PLoS Biol 4 (5), e125, 2006.


Radu Popa - Google Scholar Citations

CR Webster, PR Mahaffy, GJ Flesch, PB Niles, JH Jones, LA Leshin, ... Science 341 ... JA Finzi-Hart, J Pett-Ridge, PK Weber, R Popa, SJ Fallon, T Gunderson, .


Richard Phillips - Google Scholar Citations

A Annes, J Björklund, K Browne, M Detamore, LTE Eaves, C Gibson, ... Lexington Books, 2012. 49, 2012. Liverpool'81: Remembering the Riots. D Frost, R ...


Yonatan Israel - Google Scholar Citations

I Bronstein, Y Israel, E Kepten, S Mai, Y Shav-Tal, E Barkai, Y Garini. Physical review letters 103 (1), 018102, 2009. 383, 2009. Supersensitive polarization ...


Antigona Trofor - Google Scholar Citations

Opinions and practices regarding electronic cigarette use among Romanian high school students. LM Lotrean, B Varga, M Popa, CR Loghin, MA Man, A Trofor.


Bernhard Payer - Google Scholar Citations

D Zhou, C Conrad, F Xia, JS Park, B Payer, Y Yin, GY Lauwers, W Thasler, ... Cancer cell ... SH Namekawa, B Payer, KD Huynh, R Jaenisch, JT Lee. Molecular ...


Murray Sharman - Google Scholar Citations

Citations, 713, 380. h-index, 16, 12. i10-index, 19 ... Murray Sharman. Principal Plant ... M Sharman, JE Thomas, S Skabo, TA Holton. Archives of virology 153 (1) ...


David Gallup - Google Scholar Citations

Building rome on a cloudless day. JM Frahm, P Fite-Georgel, D Gallup, T Johnson, R Raguram, C Wu, ... European Conference on Computer Vision, 368-381, ...


Wahhida Shumi - Google Scholar Citations

W Shumi, J Lim, SW Nam, K Lee, SH Kim, MH Kim, KS Cho, S Park. BioChip Journal ... MA Hossain, MA Islam, MAK Azad, MM Rahman, W Shumi, NAA Shukor.


Malissa Clark - Google Scholar Citations

TR Giberson, CJ Resick, MW Dickson, JK Mitchelson, KR Randall, ... Journal of Business and ... MA Clark, AM Lelchook, ML Taylor. Personality and Individual ...


Amelia Sharman - Google Scholar Citations

A Sharman, H Candice. Public Understanding of Science, doi: 10.1177/0963662516632453, 2016. 18, 2016. Climate change legislation in China: An excerpt ...


Cameron C. McIntyre - Google Scholar Citations

CC McIntyre, M Savasta, L Kerkerian-Le Goff, JL Vitek. Clinical neurophysiology 115 (6), 1239-1248, 2004. 751, 2004. Cellular effects of deep brain stimulation: ...


Giacomo Tedeschi - Citazioni di Google Scholar

Thermoplastic cellulose acetate oleate films with high barrier properties and ductile behaviour. G Tedeschi, S Guzman-Puyol, UC Paul, MJ Barthel, L Goldoni, ...


Ali Akbar Aghaeinezhad - Google Scholar Citations

ZME Ali Akbar Aghaeinejad, A Peyman, M Chehrehgosha. Advances in Environmental Biology 8 (9), 2014. 2, 2014. The study of predisposing factors in nursing ...


M. Nicolas Cruz Bournazou - Google Scholar Citations

M. Nicolas Cruz Bournazou. Laboratory of Bioprocess Engineering Technical University Berlin. Bestätigte E-Mail-Adresse bei mailbox.tu-berlin.de - Startseite.


Julie Zuniga, PhD, RN, FAAN - Google Scholar Citations

An integrative review of the efficacy of motivational interviewing in HIV management. PK Dillard, JA Zuniga, MM Holstad. Patient education and counseling 100 ...


Rusu Carmen Catalina - Google Scholar Citations

CC RUSU. Carmen Cătălina Rusu, 50-52, 0 ... CC RUSU. Carmen Cătălina Rusu, 163-169, 0 ... N Baroiu, RP Baroiu, GA Costin, CC Rusu. Journal of Industrial ...


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Backgrounds. Image shared by sαm feℓix . Find images and videos about wallpaper, background and header. Head And Heart. Yin and yang twitter header.


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Welcome to AENL research group! Hyein Cho, Eun Hye Yun, and Seungyeon Hong. Let us try to do intensive study and research with us!


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Ying Yang. Simple Couples TattoosCouple Tattoos LoveGemini And SagittariusGemini And CancerAquarius TattooPisces TattoosChinese Zodiac ...


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2006 - 07 Laura Rycek. 2007 - 08 Cori Pitts ... 2011 - 12 Megan Rycek. 2012 - 13 Leana ... 2006 - 07 Brittany Muthard (Outstanding Scholar Athlete). 2007 - 08 ...


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Карточка «1) Cool yin yang wolf tattoo Idea. 2) Awesome Dragon Yin Yang Tattoos Art. 3) Unique Feathered Angel Wings Yin Yang Art. 4) Yin Yang lucky cat ...


«1) Cool yin yang wolf tattoo Idea. 2) Awesome Dragon Yin Yang ...

15) Delicate Koi Pisces Yin Yang Tattoo Watercolor Painting. 16) Awesome ... 18) Cool Koi Fish Yin Yang Tattoo Art. 19) Day & Night Oak Tree Yin Yang Drawing.


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