Who is the most beautiful member in SNSD? - Quora

Who is the most beautiful member in SNSD? - Quora

On the other hand, Yuri is sporty kind of beautiful. Her body is very well-maintained. There was a period of time whereby she was too skinny (I think during Hoot ...

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Who is the most beautiful member in SNSD? - Quora

On the other hand, Yuri is sporty kind of beautiful. Her body is very well-maintained. There was a period of time whereby she was too skinny (I think during Hoot ...


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Jul 8, 2014 - [General] SNSD's Yuri Tops survey of girl group member with best figure body ~ mykpopnote.


In which era did each Exo member look the best? - Quora

Blonde hair Minseok saved me omg. ... Kyungsoo. Call me baby era, without a doubt! Look at his hair, he had hair (Although I love his bald head too, but he had ...


Which member of EXO is the fittest? - Quora

Chanyeol, Suho, Kai, Xiumin, Sehun and Baekhyun usually like to work out, but Sehun ... with EXO and SuperM, Kai is losing a lot of weight, even losing muscle.


Who is the ugliest member of BTS? - Quora

He's the 2nd ugliest member because his face is really not-so-attractive….but personally he's the 3rd most biased BTS member. 5. Jimin (Park Ji-Min).


What is the hottest pic you've seen of each BTS member? - Quora

And the hottest pics of BTS are from the music video “ON” under Kinetic Manifesto Film.Hey Na Na Na . BTS slaying the “ON” performance on Jimmy Fallon's ...


Who is the hottest member of Red Velvet? - Quora

I think all the 5 members are hot, but if we're talking about the hottest member then it's obviously Joy. I mean have you seen her? In my opinion she's started to ...


Who do you think is the most sexual/dirty member of BTS? - Quora

The reason I think it's Jimin is due to how touchy he is, especially when you see the video where he essentially touches Jins dick (whilst wearing shorts of ...


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The only possible connection would be if Nostradamus was secretly connected to the Jesuit order. There's a lot of confusion and misinformation about the ...


What does BTS member Jimin smell like? - Quora

Basically at the end of every meal they will go and brush, floss, and possibly even use mouth wash. If he just got done on stage, he smells like a sweaty man that ...


Is Lionel Messi an Illuminati member? Why or why not? - Quora

The Illuminati is made up of powerful people. 2. Powerful people are ... Which player is more irreplaceable, Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo? 1,830 Views.


Favorite hair color on each BTS member? - Quora

Suga- Black, Blonde (light blonde or platinum Blonde/kinda grayish); Jhope- Black, dark brown, red. Jimin- Blonde, sliver/gray; V- Black, Blue, Blonde/ash gray ...


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Hyoyeon snsd Come visit kpopcity.net for the largest discount fashion store in the world!!


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